WebRTC – Using your Webcam for video in HTML Tutorial

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WebRTC is project to bring Real Time Communications to the browser. It is designed to allow video/voice chat with the browser without plugins. Because you technically have to have access to the webcam to do video chat, WebRTC gives you a javascript API to the webcam. This is what I am going to show you how to use. I am not going to go into the audio portion or how to create a real time communication link. WebRTC is still very much in beta and most browsers use a vendor prefix to get access to the webcam. I will show you what I did to create my webcam javascript abstraction library.

Create a Webcam Library

I created a small shim/abstraction library to make getting and using the webcam easier. I used what I learned from creating CreateMyPhotobooth (this is a small plug, but I am relaying what I learned from this). I have the project on github with a demo, grunt build info, and tests.

Use of the Library

When you include the library you will have access to the wcvj (WebCamVidJa) object. The first function is videoIsSupported. Continue reading “WebRTC – Using your Webcam for video in HTML Tutorial”