Node.js,, and Redis: Intermediate Tutorial – React

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I want to spend a little time going into React and I felt that this would make the previous a little too long and meandering (almost like this sentence). In this post we will cover what React is, how it is different, what it excels at, how to implement it into a current application, and how to test React views. There is a lot of ground to cover so let’s get started.

What is React

React is a new library for building user interfaces (to steal it directly from their site) developed by Facebook. React is not a full featured JavaScript application framework. This means it is not competing in the same space as Angular, Ember, Backbone or <insert your favorite framework that I am not mentioning here>. It also means it does not care how you route, where you get your data, or any application plumbing. It will render HTML.

Why use React?

Why use React if all it does is render HTML? Continue reading “Node.js,, and Redis: Intermediate Tutorial – React”