Recommended Apps

Here is a list of applications I use during the tutorials and where to get them:

  • PyCharm: If you are developing Python this will make everything easier. It is also a great HTML and javascript editor as well. This is currently my main IDE. It works for Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Django: Don’t let the green look throw you off. This is a serious framework for building sites. It has quite a few things baked in and the ability to install many ‘apps’ as well. Even if you like to build from the ground up, you still can as it is extensible.
  • Aptana Studio 3: Great IDE that based on Eclipse. You can pull in many different types of code into this and it will code highlight and autocomplete for you. PHP, Python, Google App Engine(I know it’s Python, but it has a specific IDE for this), Ruby, HTML, and Javascript are all languages I have used in this in the past. Mulitplatform as well.
  • Google App Engine: As the top blurb states – “Run your web apps on Google’s infrastructure”. I have only used the Python portion of this, but I found that it has enough features and is really easy to publish applications that can take a lot of traffic.
  • Notepad++: Everyone has some sort of issue with the default Notepad in Windows. This is a hundred times better. It has dozens of languages for code highlighting and ability to run load plugins as well. Windows download, but works well in wine.
  • StackOverflow: Any questions about paradigms, concepts, implementations, specific issues you can find an answer here. If nothing matches your question you can even ask your own. If a stackoverflow link comes up in a Google search I click it.