Switching commenting over to Disqus

Just a quick note on the commenting side of the blog is that I am switching over to Disqus. The previous system used Facebook and although it did work I did not like it all that much. I really haven’t had to much commenting so far, but if you have commented I have not migrated it over.

Facebook and FourSquare API checkin calls with SVG in HTML tutorial

I want to give a quick thanks to Theshibboleth who created the SVG of the US. I downloaded it from Wikipedia. The SVG SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. The simplest definition is that it is an XML file that describes how to build an image. If you would like to know more as always you can use Wikipedia or do a quick Google search. SVG has support in HTML5 for inline and loading.

node.js,, and redis: Beginners Tutorial – Client side

In the previous post I discussed the server side. This post will cover client side. The server side has a lot less code because it only worries about taking the requests and putting them into redis and then sending them back out. The client has the all the display logic. Let’s get started. The great thing about is that the client side is just as easy as the server side.

node.js,, and redis: Beginners Tutorial Server side

This is a simple application that I have used to try my hand at node.js,, and redis. The idea came from a co-worker who asked me if I could build an application to collect the votes of our other co-workers to determine where to eat. An initial inspiration came from geoloqi through a game they created. It introduced me to using node.js,, and redis together to keep multiple browsers in sync.

Facebook SDK Login for Zend Framework Tutorial part 2

AuthController The controller is called from a route. The path /oauth maps to the oauthAction and /ajax maps to the ajaxAction. The main difference between these two actions is how they respond. Oauth redirects the page and ajax responds in JSON. init() The init() function is run every time the controller loads before any actions. This is a great place to put code that is shared between all actions.

Facebook SDK Login for Zend Framework Tutorial

Zend Framework Setup This is a basic Zend Framework 1.11 install. I did make a few modifications to it. Because one of the authentication methods is OpenId using Google you have to patch the Zend_Openid_Consumer. You can see this why in the Zend Framework issue browser. The other is a way to read attributes from OpenID. This was written by Chris Bisnett. That is the only modifications to the core of Zend Framework.