About Me

I am a programmer that currently lives in South Bend, IN. I currently work writing applications in .Net. I am now going to focus on Python and speficially Django. After trying many different web application frameworks, I have found this to be the one that fits best with my style. My hopes with this blog is that I will be able learn from the many talented people on the Internet and hopefully someone out there can learn from me.

I am married to a wonderful woman name Elizabeth. We live with two dogs (Dexter and Gizmo) who are quite pampered.

  • Hello Joshua
    would you send me your contact details to Symbian2010@Gmail.com coz we’re gonna do a startup someting like foursquare competitor
    best Wishes

  • Corey Wysong

    Greetings from Indy! I actually grew up in Goshen area. Pretty neat to run across your content on Youtube!