More Posts to come

It seems that I make this post every so often. My last post was made all the way back in February. That was already 5 months ago. I don’t think that many people “follow” my posts, but I know there are some that use RSS. Ultimately my plan is, as always, to have quality content that people find informative. I just get sidetracked at times from making blog posts.

I have a regular 9-5 development job that takes up most of my time. When I come home from that job I also write software. I usually choose things that are outside of what I do day to day. Projects that help expand my skills. After I build something, I then write it up here. I have been doing that since 2011.

I also do contract work, author books and video series. These account for the stretches of time I do not post anything. This last stretch is no different. The good news is that I have some open time and plan on making more posts. I know this is completely a first world problem. The point I want to make is that I do care about the content that is on my site. Quality is always the first concern, but I know that quantity matters as well. There is no point in making one post every two years.

What type of posts? Well, for starters I will finish my functional JavaScript videos. Then I plan on making more Docker posts. I recently had to setup Docker on a new server and found out that Docker has changed a lot since the last time I made a post.

Enjoyed the article?

Then I guarantee that you will find my video series useful and enjoyable. The course focuses on taking someone completely new to Node.js and giving them a great foundation to start building real applications. The course is named The Complete Guide to Node.js.

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I also have a book! It covers Node.js, Express, Passport, Socket.IO, Redis, RabbitMQ, React, Backbone, Grunt, and Ansible. All in one book! It is called Building Scalable Apps with Redis and Node.js.

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