The Complete Guide to Node.js Video Series

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I have just recently finished creating a video series for Packt Publishing named The Complete Guide to Node.js. The course focuses on taking someone completely new to Node.js and giving them a great foundation to start building real applications. There is a good mix of theory and practical application as the viewer goes through the course. First, an idea is introduced and explained. Then the idea is applied.

While I was waiting on Packt to send me some finalized videos as a preview, I received a twitter endorsement for the course.

Great video course ‘The Complete Guide to Node.js’ by Joshua Johanan @theJohanan on @PacktPub #nodejs #JavaScript

— Vlad Bezden (@VladBezden) October 8, 2016

Enough talking about the course, here are two videos that demonstrate the content of the course. Enjoy!

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