Trecco my First iOS app

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I have not posted in awhile, but I have been busy. I find that this is a recurring theme with my blog. I make a string of posts on time and then I get caught up writing code. Back to the post at hand.

Over the holidays I spent some time to learn Swift and write an iOS app. Trecco was the app that I built. It will record a voice note, use IBM’s Watson to transcribe the voice note, and then save it to a Trello board as a card. The name Trecco comes from recording a note and saving it to Trello.

I do recommend that you download and use it. Especially if you use Trello. Furthermore I am using this opportunity to create a new book! While I do not have a title yet, the book will focus on building a Swift iOS app from the ground up. This means starting from an empty folder all the way through submitting it through the app store. Every part will be covered.

I am hoping to release a sample chapter and video, so you can get a feel for what the book will be like.

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