Getting Back to Blogging

I have not posted anything here in awhile. My plan is to create a new post every month. I was previously attempting this and I was successful for a little while in 2012.

The last two months I have been really busy. The first thing that took a lot of my time was my primary job. I work for a hospital. We have just finished out a huge project where we replaced the core application all the physicians and nurses use. I was working ten to twelve hour days for a little while.

The other project was a small responsive mobile site. I am planning on adding some posts about my experiences here. I wrote the site in MVC 4. This is a .Net based framework. It made sense to use it based on the architecture of the organization. If you have never tried out MVC 4 or used Entity Framework and Linq, you should. All of these technologies are a joy to work with.


I have not forgotten about Python and Django. I have a few posts in the works and you should see them here shortly. I do want to give a shout out to the book Two Scoops of Django. I am still pretty new to Django and this book really helped me. It has quite a few best practices that I immediately started to implement.

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