New Posts coming soon

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I have fallen behind writing posts through Christmas and the new year. I plan on making more posts and github repos. I can tell by the traffic and starring/forking of my repos that these posts at least help a few people out there. Now that I have stated my excuses, a saying I have heard is that excuses only make you feel better, is to lay out a road map of my next few posts. This will also force me to actually make good on these statements.

Some things I will get to:

  • Django – I have found a new framework that I like. Unfortunately that means that I will most likely not be doing many more Zend Framework posts.
  • Facebook – Because I have been using Django I had to write some code to access Facebook.
  • WebRTC – Otherwise known as webcam through javascript. I will have a post about how to use it.
  • Amazon Web Services – I recently moved my website to be hosted on EC2. I will make a post or two about that.

You can see that even though I have not been making posts, I have been busy.

To finish off the post here is a photo of my dog Gizmo:

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