Google Music, I mean Play, as an App on Windows 7

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I have been using Google Music ever since I was able to get an account. I have already synced all the my music to it. It works great in my browser. I have one issue though. This:
Multiple Tabs
It becomes just another tab in my browser. It could even be just another tab in just another instance of Chrome. This is a pain. A song I don’t like comes up and I want to go to the next or my phone rings and I need to pause the song. It is a firstworldproblem, but annoying nonetheless.

I wanted to make it more of an app. It should have its own spot in my taskbar. Because I run Windows 7 it should pinned as well so it is always there.

Chrome to the rescue

Google Chrome makes this easy. Navigate to your Google Music page Click the little wrench > Tools > Create application shortcuts. You should get a window that pops up letting you choose where to put the shortcut.Google Music Application Shortcut

It will now work just like any other application and have its own spot in your taskbar.

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