This library allows you to easily add a web cam to your webpages. View the source or check it out on GitHub to see how easy it is.

Support is beta in most browsers (or zero for IE and Safari). Chrome works best, then Opera, and finally Firefox if change some default settings. If you have downloaded from github run the Qunit tests to see how if your browser will work. (Chrome 24+ and Opera 12+ should pass all the tests).

Use an existing Video element

Create a new element

Use a canvas!

You can change the draw method and get access to both 2d and webgl contexts.

WebGL using glfx.js

Even if you do not know how to use webgl you still can take advantage of it using glfx. If your browser does not support webgl (I'm looking at you Opera) or you do not include glfx.js the library will step down to a 'normal' canvas.